The easy way to manage running tabs.

Keeping track of your customers' running tabs with pen, paper and excel sheets is time consuming, cumbersome, prone to human error and looks unprofessional. Save time while looking more professional by using our digital solution instead.

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After that, $5/month.

Set your menu

About to make a sale to one of your regulars? Just put it on their tab! Pick an item from your menu and select the guest making the purchase. Their balance will automatically update and their purchase will be saved to their history.

Review transaction history

Keep track of when and how your bar guests balance changes. This log shows both manual changes to balance and purchases made.

Manage your bartending

Represent properly! Show your bar guests who the bartender represents and how they can get in touch. This information is reflected when you send out balance update emails.

Adjust your lists

Keep your menu up to date with names, prices and fitting images. Manage your guest list and manually adjust their balance if needed.

Notify your guests

Let your guests keep an eye on their balance with integrated email sendouts. Choose recipients, add a message and send it directly to your guests' registered addresses. The email includes a link for customers to review their transaction history too!

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